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26 April, 2012

An ICCKy guest post with delicious results!

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Today I’m going to talk about a blogger I really love. Cajun Chef Ryan is a great site that I really enjoy visiting. If you haven’t been over there, he has some amazing recipes for you to try. Many that can fit into the Weight Watchers, Curves, and Eat To Live dieting programs so the calorie count is great for anyone watching their intake. The recipes that I’ve tried have all been delicious, but what is my favorite part about his site, you ask? Well, it’s that today he’s hosting a guest blog by your truly of course!

I’ve talked to Chef Ryan a few times and we both are fans of each others blog so it just seemed to fit. Today I’ve got a post over there about some delicious Strawberry Mousse Cupcakes which were a big hit with my family.

Head on over and give it a look see, and keep your eyes on ICCK in the next week or so; as you might’ve guessed we’ll be getting a very special visitor for you guys. We do it because we love you.

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