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24 April, 2012

Brownie Cake Pops

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Like in my previous posts on Cake Pops, I love making these for special occasions but there’s nothing I can really say that is healthy about them.  And today’s version is no exception.  I made these with brownies, frosting and covered them in milk chocolate.  My grandson, Eric, was turning 2 and he loves chocolate.  So I decided to make his cake a little different.  I made a basket of brownie pops that I wrote H B Eric on all of them. Oh my they turned out so cute and in the last photo’s you get to see my grandson and I think the picture tells it all.

I started with a brownie mix that comes with the frosting packet.  I used 2 boxes and it made 15 brownie pops that were about an inch round and a half inch thick.  I undercooked them just a little so they were on the moist side.  After they cooled I crumbled the brownies into a bowl and added 1 packet of the frosting.  Since I had bought two boxes I had two packets but after adding the first it was plenty moist so I didn’t add the second one.  I mixed the brownies up really good with the frosting. If you don’t know how to do this part go to Bakerella.  She has a great video on it and she’s the expert.  My expertise comes from years of dipping chocolates so I found this really easy to learn and lots of fun to make.

Then I took and formed each of the circles in a small round cookie cutter that I had.  I filled them completely full and then pulled off the cutter.  When the cutter started to stick to the brownies I just sprayed it with a little Pam cooking spray and they slide right off.  Then I melted a small amount of milk chocolate and took the sucker stick, dipped them in the chocolate and then stuck each one of them into the brownie circle.  I laid them on parchment paper on cookie sheets and then put them into the freezer.  I like to get my cake pops really cold before I dip them so I usually leave them in there for at least an hour.

After they were good and frozen I melted some chocolate (see my video on dipping chocolate for all my tips).  Then I dipped each one in the chocolate and gently tapped it on the side of the bowl until most of the excess chocolate had dripped off.  Then I set them flat on the parchment paper on the cookie sheet.  Normally when I make cake pops they are in a round circle so I stick them in some Styrofoam to dry but since I did these with a cookie cutter and they were to be flat I decided to let them harden flat on the cookie sheet and it worked great.  I made sure it was nice and cool in my house (68 degrees) so they hardened fairly quickly.

Then I put them in the fridge for a little while until I was ready to melt the blue chocolate to write on them.  I took a frosting bag with a really small round tip and put some blue Wilton chocolate in there and melted it.  Then I decorated the brownie pops.  I put them back in the fridge to get hard and then I place them in the Styrofoam in this bucket for the party.

As has been said before a picture is worth a 1,000 words.  I  think he liked his birthday cake:)

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