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24 April, 2012

Cupcake Cake Pops

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For Mother’s Day my hubby got me Bakerella’s book on cake pops and a cup cake mold.  I’ve been looking for the first opportunity that I could use both of these items.  And yesterday it presented itself.  Every year the young women in our neighborhood (12-18) have an auction to earn money for girls camp.  They ask us to donate items that people can bid on and then they use the money for camp.  Well of course the first thing I thought of was I could make a cupcake cake pop bouquet (try to say that fast three times).

It turned out great and it was really fun to auction it off.  I wrapped it up in a gift bag to make it look a little better.

Then I made some extras for the dessert table. Those didn’t last long:)

As usual I didn’t do a video for these since Bakerella is the expert.  I will say I didn’t have any pink chocolates so I just took food coloring and added to my white chocolates and it worked great.  The trick is to dip the bases in milk chocolate first and then to let them set up good. Then dip the tops into the pink (or what ever color you like) and pour the sprinkles on right away to they harden with the chocolate.  This is a really fun idea for birthday parties.  Can’t wait until the next one at our house.

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