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24 April, 2012

Easter Egg Cake Pops

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If you’ve followed my blog at all you know that my grand kids love cake pops.  So I feel it is my duty as their grandmother to make them for any special occasion (and there are a lot of special occasions at my house).  So it would only be natural for me to do some type of Easter Cake pops.  I looked at Bakeralla’s site to get some ideas.  The bunny’s were cute but I decided on the Easter Eggs.  So if you’ve never made cake pops and you want to give it a try just go to Bakerella’s video on how to make them.  I have some added tips on my Halloween Cake pop post and my Snowman Cake pops.

For these I made lemon cake and added lemon frosting.  Then I took an egg shaped cookie cutter and formed the egg and then rounded the front. The reason I left the back flat is that I have found they are so much easier to dip and then lay flat on a cookie sheet to harden up that I don’t make them circular to often now.  Then I put them in the freezer to harden.  I leave them in there for at least an hour.  Then I dipped them in different colors of chocolate and set them on cookie sheets in a cool room to set up.  After they were good and hard I did the decorating.  This was actually the hardest part.  I tried all different tips to see which one I like the best.  The challenge is that the chocolate when melted was too warm to really hold a decorative pattern.  But if I let it cool at all then it was too hard to pump out of the bag.

The tip I ended up liking the best is the one you use for leaves.  It made a nice zig zag line that I thought looked the best.  In the picture you can see all the tips I tried.  I ended up making 60 of these to share with friends and family.  My mom and dad are here visiting with us for the holiday and they were impressed so I’d call it a success.  After all who still doesn’t try to impress their parents whenever they can?

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