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26 April, 2012

Hand Dipped Chocolates Made Easy

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I’ve been dipping chocolates for 20 years.  In the past few years I’ve discovered a few tricks that make it a little easier.  I used to take 10 pound Peter’s chocolate bars and cut them up in small pieces and then put them in my oven at 170 degrees and slowly heat them up.  Now that I use the Callebaut’s chocolate chips.  They have milk chocolate or dark chocolate so you can take care of anyone on your Christmas list.  I just heat them up on low in the microwave.  Work it the same after they come out and as long as I do the other steps it seems to work out just fine.  And actually I think the Callebaut’s chocolate is even better than Peters.  Take a look at the video.  It’s really hard to explain how to dip chocolates so I’ll put what I can in print but the bulk of what I will teach on this you’ll need to watch the video.

Tips for Dipping Chocolate

Make sure you select a day with low humidity.  You don’t want to dip if it’s raining or snowing.  Fifty percent or lower. 

Start with high Quality Chocolate (I use Callebaut’s from Orson Gygi).

Get room temperature down to 68 degrees.

Prepare all pans for the dipped chocolates.  Get all caramels, nuts and fondants ready.

Heat chocolate slowly stirring often until melted. (I use my microwave at 50% 30 seconds at a time)

Pour chocolate on cool surface (marble cutting board works good) and quickly work air into chocolate to cool it slightly.

Dip selected item in chocolate and roll in your hand.  Spread finger to get excess chocolate off before placing on the pan.

Keep chocolates in a cool place until set up.  Once set up, place in paper cups.

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