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24 April, 2012

Healthy Snack Ideas

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The reason I did this post today is that it’s one of the most common questions when I’m discussing nutrition with one of our classes.  What are easy, nutritious snacks I can have when I’m on the go besides an apple?  I don’t have time to go into why it’s important to eat 5 times a day (I’ll do a full blog post on that next week).  Let’s just assume that I’ve convinced you to eat more often in the day and now you need some ideas of what to eat.

Of course most any fruit is a good choice and that’s really easy.  I’ve listed 30 healthy snacks below that are a little better than a piece of fruit.  So with a little planning you can have something that your body will enjoy even more.   Pick a few of these that you really like and then incorporate them into your day

I would love to hear what your favorite healthy snacks are?

An ounce of cheese or cheese stick
Fruit yogurt parfait: Yogurt layered with fresh fruit & some granola
Hard boiled egg
Greek Yogurt (it has twice the protein of regular yogurt. If plain add fresh berries or honey)
Glass of Milk
Baked” cinnamon apples (I make these for apple crisp and then I make extra for snacks)
Protein Shake Smoothie ( have lots of these recipes on this site.
Red, yellow, orange bell peppers with hummus
Two Peanut Butter & Oat Energy bites (this recipe is from my friend The Cilantropist)
Yogurt stick, frozen, with NO high fructose corn syrup (I like Stonyfield Farm Organic)
Slice of Chocolate Mousse Cake
Power Bar (just make sure to get the ones that have good protein & aren't loaded with sugar)
Slice of Carrot Cake
One Lemon Fruit Tart
Sugar snap peas and carrots with hummus
Edamame beans
Pear slices with 1/2 oz of blue cheese
Cottage cheese and peaches
Peanut butter and celery
Peanut butter and crackers
Crunchy peanut butter on apple slices
Cashew butter on crackers with fruit
Handful of whole almonds
1 mini bag of “smart pop” microwave popcorn with a spritz of butter spray
Trail mix with almonds, raisins, dried apricots,
Piece of whole fruit with a few whole walnuts
Dried apricots with whole shelled walnuts
2 slices of turkey wrapped around 2 bread and butter pickles
Apple slices rolled in swiss cheese and turkey
Meat roll (turkey,ham,lean roast beef) spread with light cream cheese

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