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24 April, 2012

It’s tough to blog without a computer

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Last week I did a blog post titled 10 Ways to De-Stress to shed pounds only to spend this past week dealing with one of the biggest stressers in my life – technology failure.  You see I have a love-hate relationship with technology.  When it’s working I love it and when it’s not I absolutely hate it.  As my hubby would say “hate is a strong word, are you sure you feel that way?” and the answer is a resounding “yes, I hate my computer this past week”.

It started running slow about two weeks ago so I knew I was in trouble.  Then I couldn’t open programs without getting the screen that says “Microsoft has detected a problem so it is shutting down your computer.”  That’s never a good message to get.  I would reboot and it would run for  a little while and then it would happen again.  Since I knew my computer was about to die I backed up all my data on my external hard drive and took it to my local computer repair shop.

That was a week ago.  They told me that they would do a diagnostic on it and let me know that afternoon.  At five I called them to see what they found out.  They said that they didn’t find any hardware problems so they were going to run a diagnostic on the software the next day and they would let me know.  I called them again the next day and they said they couldn’t find anything wrong but they were going to keep looking.  To make a long story short, I called the next two days only to hear they were still looking. On Thursday they said it had a corrupt OS (operating system) and they would have it fixed by Friday.  At least we were getting somewhere.

On Friday after I picked it up and got it booted, I discovered that nothing had been loaded.  I thought they were going to do a back up and then reinstall it all when they got it up.  Evidently that wasn’t their understanding.  So my hubby and I took two days installing all the programs and all the back ups.  It’s finally up and running so I can make a blog post about how frustrated technology can be to a blogger 🙂

I wanted to do a food post but it’s still loading all my videos and pictures (there were 12,000) so it might be a few days before I can get to that.  Anyway I wanted you to know that I haven’t stopped blogging.  And as long as my computer cooperates I will continue to post recipes.  Would love to hear your technology nightmares.

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