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26 April, 2012

Snowman Cake Pops

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This was a big experiment.  That’s probably what I like most about cooking is that you can get ideas and then try them out with very little risk.  I decided to make these after getting such rave reviews on the cake pops I made at Halloween.  I figured I could come up with a creative way to use 3 cake pops and make a snowman.  Then use him to make place holders for my table.  There will be 24 this year so I like to have a seating arrangement.  Just like before if you want to know how to make cake pops go to Bakerella.  She’s the expert and she also has a cookbook for a lot more ideas.  I don’t have her cookbook so I have no idea if she’s ever done this.  I’ll probably contact her and let her know what I did just in case.  My video is on how I put these snowmen together.  As you’ll see in the video, I was figuring these out on the fly.  By the end I figured out how to take sticks and put them in my Styrofoam and hold the snowmen up until the frosting set (you’ll see on the video how they were falling over until I figured that trick out).

There’s a few things I did differently.  Like I made the first snow ball with cherry chip cake, cherry frosting and then added a maraschino cherry to the middle of them.  That served as the biggest snow ball and the base.  Since I wanted them to stand up, after I coated it with the white chocolate, I put it directly on a cookie sheet with parchment paper to dry flat on one side.  The next snow balls I made for the stomach and I made them a little smaller from chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  The next snow ball I made really small for the head.  I used a carrot cake and mixed it with cream cheese frosting.  That way I had a variety of cake pops so not only will these be the place holders for the table, they will also be the dessert for the evening.  I also made these and just put them on the cookie sheet to harden.  I discovered if they had a flat bottom it was easier to put them together.  It’s tough to explain how I did this, that’s why I made a video.  After I made all the cake pops and covered them in white chocolate I put them all together and decorated them.  I attached them together with my royal icing recipe I use on my gingerbread houses.  Starting with the hat (a thin mint), then attached the head to the body.  Once that set up I attached that to the base snow ball.  Once they had dried I added the eyes, nose, mouth, buttons and a scarf with the name tag.  Then placed them at the table to let everyone know where they will be sitting for the meals at Christmas.

The great thing about cake pops is that they can be made ahead of time, so it’s 4 days before Christmas and my place cards and dessert are all made.  Have a very Merry Christmas!

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