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24 April, 2012

Spring Flower Cake Pops

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So I was having a little get-together last night and I thought it would be fun to make these flower cake pops for the table decorations.

I had seen them on  Bakerella’s facebook page and I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to make them.  What makes this a fun idea is that they double as the table decoration and a delicious dessert.  They were fun to make and not that difficult.  The only downside is the silk flowers are a little pricey so after the night was over I gathered them all up to save them to use in future bouquets.


As always when people want to know how to make cake pops I send them to Bakerella’s website.  She’s the expert and I don’t pretend to know more about these than she does.  What I find that works best for me is after I crumble a cake into the bowl I add about a half a can of pre-made frosting to the bowl and mix it up good.  I then take and form the balls and set them on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.  I put them into my freezer for at least a half hour (sometimes longer) and I don’t pull them out until I’m ready to dip.  Some people say they have problems with the chocolate cracking when they do that but I don’t ever have that issue.  I place the stick in the melted chocolate and then into the ball. Dip the ball and then tap the chocolate off good.  Stick it in the stand and place in a cool area to set up.

Once the balls were set up I took the silk flowers and removed the stem and the center.  I then stuck the bottom of the stick of the cake pop through the silk flower and slid it up under the cake pop.  Then each of them had a green leaf that I slid up to hold it secure. When they were all done I placed them in glass containers that had glass marbles in them.  I placed additional silk flowers around them to fill in and then placed them on the tables.

It was fun to tell everyone after dinner they were welcome to eat the table decorations.  After they realized it was chocolate they quickly disappeared.

You can check out my other cake pops (snowmanpumpkinsEaster eggsbrownie cake pops) where I have additional suggestions or just leave me a comment.  I’d love to help you make these or any other cake pops.  I now own Bakerella’s Book.

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