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25 April, 2012

To blog or not to blog… that is the question

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This thought has been rolling around in my brain all week as I have been packing for my vacation.  We’re leaving for two weeks for Hawaii and I haven’t figured out yet if I’m going to blog while I’m on my trip or not.  This is the first extended trip I am taking since I became a blogger.  We go to this same condo every year for two weeks.  It’s our most relaxing trip that we take (many of the family trips have up to 22 kids and grand kids so you really can’t call those relaxing).  We play lots of tennis, go cycling around the island and catch up on a half a dozen magazines and books that have been collecting over the past few months.  Since we’ve been going to this island every year for the past 8 years it feels more like a second home than a vacation.  We don’t have to do the touristy (that’s actually a word) things anymore.  We’ve done them all.  We can just rest and relax.

So that’s why this question has been bothering me. On one hand I think this is time to unplug and get away from technology and take a break.  I don’t need to log into Facebook 12 times a day, or twitter or create several blogs each week.  I need to this time to recharge and decompress.  No blogging for two weeks.  No one’s really going to care one way or the other.

On the other hand because it’s like a second home I end up cooking some really great food while I’m there. Some of which I don’t get that often in landlocked Utah like fresh Ahi Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Snapper.  I do have a full kitchen at this condo but I don’t have access to all my ingredients and I don’t want to buy them and leave them there so I have to get really creative.  All of which leads me to the idea that “why not create a few blogs while you’re there”.  Since we own our own company we end up working on our computers a few hours a day anyway.  It wouldn’t take that much more time to video tape a few shows and then post them on my blog .  What could it hurt?

So my question to my blogger friends is what do you do?  Do you just disappear for a couple weeks?  Do you make a bunch of blog posts up before you leave and then just publish them while you’re gone?  Do you tell your readers you’ll be gone and when you’ll be back?  Or do you create blogs all along your trip and post them like a travel log?  I’m really interested in what each of you do and how you handle this question

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