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26 April, 2012

Tour of My Dream Kitchen

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Recently I have received questions about what my kitchen set up looks like and maybe having a virtual tour of it. I thought it was a great idea because my kitchen is really the central hub of my home.

Something you hear a lot about when learning to cook is the French phrase ‘mise en place’ which means ‘everything in place’. This, of course, is meant to be used to teach you to pull out all ingredients and have the entire recipe ready so that following the directions becomes a quick and effortless process. Sometimes, though, people forget that ‘mise en place’ is only half of the saying ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’. Six years ago when we built my house I realized that when it comes to cooking, I really needed my ‘place for everything’. I had been involved in the building process of my homes several times over the years and this time I truly didn’t have the time or energy to worry about every aspect. I made a deal that my husband could have pretty much free reign on the rest of the house, (I did maintain veto rights for obvious reasons) but the kitchen was mine.

First, it had to be bigger than any kitchen I’d had before. When we get together with all our children and their spouses and the grandchildren, I usually end up cooking for around 22 people so I needed the space. Also I love entertaining friends and cooking for them; so, many times, we’ll have 20-30 people who’ll congregate at the bar, snacking on hors d’oeuvres while dinner is being prepared. The kitchen is meant to handle a lot of food and several cooks, and I’ve set it up so that someone can be mixing in one area, baking in another, cooking at the stovetop, and working in the prep area comfortably.

All of my cupboards have pull out drawers for easy access, and my spice rack is on both sides of my cook top. It has a full refrigerator and a full freezer. I also put in two dishwashers which has been one of my favorite features. It is the perfect kitchen for me and the entertaining I do.

I’d also like to point out that a lot of people might read this and think ‘wow, that’s over the top’, which is probably true for you. A dream kitchen is what you want it to be and my mold certainly won’t fit for everyone. Not many people enjoy cooking for large crowds and a much more simple set up could be what you want. I would suggest, though, that anyone that truly enjoys cooking should put some serious thought into their kitchen and what they want it to be. My kitchen has really become the heart of my home.

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