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26 April, 2012

Valentines Dinner

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I know it’s the morning of Valentines so you’re probably wondering how I have a picture of my dinner already.  Well I prepared this meal over the weekend to celebrate early.  I find that I have more time on the weekends to plan and prepare a romantic meal so I make the holiday on the most convenient day for me.  Thus I served this a couple nights ago.  We had a fillet Mignon, king crab legsgrilled artichokes, baked sweet potato and for dessert the Lemon-Raspberry Triffle which I will post later.  So obviously this is my cheat day.  Even with all this food I was able to keep my day under 2000 calories mostly because of portion control.  I had one crab leg, a 4 oz fillet, 1 artichoke and 1 small sweet potato.  The dessert was around 250 calories which is high for me but I wasn’t able to even finish it. I love that with a little planning I can make an incredible meal like this and eat it guilt free.

What are you planning for your Valentines Dinner?


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